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  - item one
  - item two

  an_item: foo
    - we can nest items
    - inside yaml

this is some sample YAML

About YAML#

YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) is a machine-parsable configuration/markup language that is designed to be more human-readable than JSON but just as powerful. In fact, YAML is a superset of JSON, and all JSON is perfectly valid YAML!

YAML Special Characters#

Values cannot start with certain special characters: {}[]@ and so on. While most of the time it is not necessary to quote string in YAML, when starting a value field with a special character, such as a variable declaration, it becomes necessary to use quotes.

# invalid!
that_awesome_movie: {{ movie.space_jam }}

# valid
that_awesome_movie: "{{ movie.space_jam }}"

valid and invalid special character handling in YAML

Continue Reading about YAML#

While YetiCloud leverages YAML extensively for many parts of its ecosystem -- this documentation site even uses it -- it is out of the scope of this documentation to explain YAML as a syntax. If you don't already know YAML we have collected a number of resources that make good starting points: